Khaosons are interstellar sapients originating from the planet Khaoso, which is also their capital outside of the Core. They are united as a species.


Khaosons are large, about four metres tall when standing on two legs. They have three pairs of limbs, and can either stand bipedally with two pairs of arms, or move around on six legs. All their hands and feet are clawed. They also have a pair of wings attached at the shoulders, which enable them to fly.

They have large, muscled bodies, and spiked tails which can be used as weapons. Their head is attached to the body by a short, muscular neck, and they have two large, deadly horns projecting outwards, as well as four smaller horns at the top of the head. They have two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Their skin is thick and dark red in colour, effective at protecting against piercing weaponry such as arrows, shuriken and throwing knives, but providing little protection against melee or gun attacks.



In melee, Khaosons primarily use katanas. Inside the core, they are given a variable geometry projected force field that can be changed to give the blade a blunt, non-fatal edge, or a mono-molecular cutting edge that can slice through the space between atoms. There are lots of settings in between. However, their large size and multiple arms allow them to wield much larger greatswords as well.


Khaosons were originally an aggressive, tribal species.

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